Sharing by Youth Leaders: Youth C

I personally believe that I have become more responsible, mature and socially active person after joining this expedition (Cambodia).


Today, I am able to make good decisions when dealing with difficult situations and able to polish my organizing skills when planning for our community service and fund raising activities.

I am able to do all this only because of the never- ending support and love that the AGAPE volunteers and youths have given me. Most importantly Expedition AGAPE has helped me to elevate my self-confidence and self-esteem. They thought us not to give up and to believe in ourselves because every one of us is precious and unique in our own way. Thank you so much to the AGAPE volunteers and sponsors for making this expedition possible and thank you very much for believing in our vision which is to make a difference in the world.”


-Youth C was formerly living in a shelter home, and is currently working as a doctor