Sharing by Youth Leaders: Youth A

My name is A. I am come from the urban poor flats. My mother is single mother I have three elder sister and one younger brother. I was send to the orphanage since I was 3 years old until 10 years old. I was abused by people in orphanages.


When I came out and started living with my mother I started smoking when I was 12 years old until 16 years old. I smoked because I did not have the people to love me or I have no place to let my grieve out. I join fights and all to negatives when I was in high school.

Along this journey I met Agape Vision there I found that love and confidence myself to build up myself to reach my goals and I stated planning who I want to be. I wanted to be a beatboxer and getting good education results. I basically had low self-esteem to study once I got 7G for my results.

Meanwhile I was still smoking out there but I found Jesus to help in all my soul. He has set me free from smoking it is 8 months I have stop everything and in my secondary school after accepting Christ I also got good results and yeah I am wonderful man. It’s been a privilege for me to be in Agape. Agape Vision makes the world better.


-Youth A was formerly living in the PPR flats, has finished his degree in UM and is now working in church