Sharing by Youth Leaders: Youth B

I'm B currently working. My dad passed away due to heart attack while my mom couldn't afford to take care of me because she was terminally ill and so there's a foundation who does weekly charity for the poor found my mom and they were asked to take me with them.


After a week of consideration, I was brought home with them and being adopted by a single mom single-handedly. Through those period I was physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally abuse and being abandon. I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve to cried in a day for the beatings over and over again.

At the age of 15 my adopted mom was very sick and I knew that time I was being kick out of the house cause they said they couldn’t handle me anymore. I work at the nearest supermarket, stop going to school and have to pay for my own needs. At that point there was no love, no care and i had the thoughts of comitting suicide because I know there’s no reason for me to live.

My turning point was, the same aunty whose doing the charity work says, I’ve to change my life. I couldn’t be living this way. So she finds homes who be able to take me in. And she found a shelter home for me. In a week time I was brought here. I hated it but I said to myself I will prove people wrong and start a new life. The Home provide me from A-Z which I don’t have to worry anymore.

From there I joined Agape Vision that’s where I learn to lead, to communicate, to love and to care. They taught me the meaning of loving others and to be love. Patiently they see me grow and they were the pillar of rock behind me supporting me to achieve my dreams. I’ve sent expedition with them , I have learn to overcome my insecurity, I’m doing a job I love and I’m finishing my diploma in 7 months. Achieving dreams isn’t easy without support, but with everything it’s made possible.


-Youth B was formerly living in a shelter home, and is currently working as a nurse